Baseus 140W GaN Charger USB Type C PD3.1 Fast Charge

Original price was: KSh 12,000.00.Current price is: KSh 8,500.00.

● Shared Charging System: 60% More time-saving, fastly charge 4 devices simultaneously via Shared Charging System without sacrificing a drop of power.

● Strong and Powerful: 100W power output to fast charge all USB-C laptops at maximum supported speed. Only 2 hours to fully charge the 96W MacBook Pro 16-inch, or charge up to 2 laptops simultaneously (Compatible with Lenovo, Dell, HP, Chromebook, Surface, Acer and more)

Baseus 140W Multi Ports GaN5 Pro Fast Charger

Input:  AC 110-240V-, 50/60Hz, 3.5A Max.

Type-C 1 Output: 5V/3A (15W); 9V/3A (27W); 12V/3A (36W); 15V/3A (45W); 20V/5A (100W); 28V/5A (140W)
Type-C 2 Output:  5V/3A (15W); 9V/3A (27W); 12V/3A (36W); 15V/3A (45W); 20V/5A (100W)
USB Output: 5V/3A (15W); 9V/3A (27W); 12V/3A (36W); 20V/3A (60W)

✅Charging at the same time:
Type-C+Type-C2/USB  Output: 100W + 30
Type-C/Type-C2+USB Output:  100W + 30W
Type-C+Type-C2+USB Output:100W+20W+18W


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